Facility Reservations

Community Room Reservations

The community room located at City Hall may be reserved to provide a public meeting space for Greenwood Village residents and for groups offering activities and programs open to the public and of general interest to residents and their invitees. For Community Room reservations, please call 303-773-0252.

Park Pavilion and Field Reservations

A permit to reserve a park and/or field is available through the Parks, Trails and Recreation Department. A permit is required for groups larger than 30, but is also recommended for smaller groups to ensure shelter/field availability on a certain date and time. Reservations for fields are also granted for fields within our city parks for season long usage by organized youth groups.

Special Event Permit Reservation
Only residents may reserve fields and shelters for Special Events involving any combination of the following: temporary structures, vendors, emplified sound, entertainment, street closures or trail use. For questions or assistance, please call Cathy Pate, Recreation Manager at 303-486-5766.