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Capital Improvement Projects

Building Projects

Maintenance Facility Redesign & Construction The purpose of the maintenance facility project is to address space needs for the Public Works and Parks, Trails, and Recreation operations, to protect Village equipment, and to support long-term operations. The project was programmed in two phases. The first phase included design and construction of a new fleet building, covered equipment canopies, a snow and ice control materials storage structure, and site improvements at the Maintenance Facility site as well as building renovations / expansion for the Police Department evidence storage at the City Hall site. The second and final phase will include: remodeling of the heated shop at the existing maintenance facility as well as an addition of administrative offices.

Curtis Arts and Humanities Center Restroom Additions The project will add 300 square feet to the north side of the Curtis Arts and Humanities building to provide restrooms on the upper level of the structure. The project will provide improved ADA accessibility.

Streets & Transportation Projects


I-25 / Arapahoe Road Interchange The project will improve traffic operations and safety of the interchange and meet future traffic demands. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is the lead agency in partnership with Greenwood Village, Centennial, Arapahoe County, and the Southeast Public Improvement District (SPIMD). Please visit the project website.

High Line Canal Crossing Improvement Orchard Road - West of University Blvd The project will improve safety of crossing pedestrians through shortening the crossing distance and improving visibility of pedestrians.

Pavement Management and Rehabilitation ProgramThe program provides for the reconstruction of Village streets and trails as well as surface treatments to prolong the life of Village pavements. It also provides for the replacement of deteriorated concrete trails and concrete along Village streets.

Long Road Reconstruction The project will optimize the effectiveness of traffic calming and utilize other mitigation techniques to minimize the negative impacts of current and future traffic volumes.  The project will consist of pavement reconstruction, upgrading of the drainage system and enhancement of the streetscape section. For More Information

Headwall Repair for Yosemite Bridge Access to Plaza Tower OneThis project consists of repairing the deteriorated south headwall and surrounding bridge walls at the Yosemite Overpass west vehicular tunnel into the Plaza Tower One.

Dayton Street and Maplewood Avenue Intersection Improvement - The project includes intersection improvements that will increase site distance and improve bicycle safety. The project is scheduled for completion in 2016 in advance of the pavement rehabilitation project on S Dayton Street.

Holly Street Intersection Rehabilitation - This project consists of replacing three stop controlled intersections (Powers, Berry and Prentice) along Holly Street.  The geometry of the intersections will be changed to mitigate damage of the eyebrow medians.  

Travel Time Monitoring Project In addition to the improvements made to the traffic signal system from 2009-2013, a travel time system will be installed in 2016.  The travel time system will allow staff to assess the performance of travel times and speeds in the commercial areas of Greenwood Village.  The travel time system project is being coordinated with the efforts of similar projects in Arapahoe County and the City of Centennial.

Yosemite Bridge Rail Replacement - This project consists of completing a conditional assessment of the Yosemite overpass (I-25) rail barriers. Based on this structural assessment, a scope of work for design and construction services will be generated and bid in subsequent years.

Drainage Projects  

Belleview / Clarkson Street Drainage Project - The existing storm sewer does not have adequate capacity which contributes toward ponding issues at the southeast corner of the Belleview Avenue and Clarkson Street intersection. The project scope includes upsizing the storm sewer pipe to increase the capacity, which will address the ponding issue. Additionally, the project includes modifications to the existing geometry of the intersection such as moving the curb line back, and adding additional drainage facilities. The Village is partnering with Cherry Hills Village on this project with an anticipated 50/50 split for the full cost of the project.

Bridgewater Pond Improvements The project includes the drop structure repair, inclusion of water quality requirements for the Arapahoe and I-25 project, and aesthetic and functional improvements to the ponds. 

Storm Sewer Lining Project The project will complete lining of several existing metal storm sewer pipes showing signs of corrosion. Locations include; Arapahoe Road at Syracuse Way, Orchard Road at Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Yosemite Street at Radcliffe, and City Hall. The project also includes lining of the storm sewer pipe and inlet structure at Quebec and Progress.

Goldsmith Gulch – Orchard at Silo ParkThe project includes the replacement of the existing culvert with a larger structure to reduce the potential for overtopping of Orchard Road in a 100-year event. The schedule is based on anticipated funding from the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD). The design will be completed in 2016 with construction beginning in 2019.

Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve Outlet Box (MPNP) Modification to the lower MPNP pond is necessary to to meet the requirement to release water when a “call” is requested due to water rights.  This includes installation of a controlled outlet and installation of a bypass pipe.  

Parkside Pond Outlet Repairs The outlet pipe for the upper pond at Westlands Park (Parkside Pond) failed in 2015. Temporary repairs to pass storm events were also completed in 2015.  Design of a modified outlet structure and new storm sewer is required to assure proper long term functionality of the system.      

Recreation Projects

Village Center and Goldsmith Gulch Trail Extension This project will provide a trail connection from Fair Avenue to the RTD Park-n-Ride and undercrossing at Caley Avenue along the Goldsmith Gulch alignment.

Goldsmith Gulch Channel Restoration This project involves the restoration of the Goldsmith Gulch Channel through the Village open space property between Fair Avenue and Caley Avenue.

Synthetic Turf Field at Village Greens ParkThe project entails converting Field 11 at Village Greens Park into a synthetic turf to increase field availability.


Village Greens Park Phase IVProject includes the addition of amenities to the entry to the existing disc golf and mountain bike courses to include a shelter, picnic area, and restroom.

Musical Instruments at Westlands ParkInstallation of durable outdoor musical instruments at Westlands Park. They will be tuned structures that will enhance the outdoor space and encourage creativity.

Building DemolitionWith the Village purchase of 4200 E Belleview adjoining the Marjorie Prairie Preserve, an existing building on the property is in need of demolition.

Running Fox Pond RestorationThe Running Fox Pond was previously filled with tap water, which became costly to fill. Additionally, the pond presented several maintenance issues. The project will restore the pond as an amenity to the park with a dry stream bed design.

Monaco Trail Extension – This project extends the eight foot wide trail along Monaco by 300 feet. The extension would allow trail users coming from the West to travel south on Monaco. This was a concern noted for children walking from the schools to the neighborhoods.

Orchard Hills Park Irrigation UpgradeThe existing irrigation system at Orchard Hills Park is over thirty years old with zones that are battery operated and not on the Village central irrigation system. Additionally, the mainline pipe is non-standard, contributing to costly repairs. Installing a timing system would allow for irrigation of replacement trees related to sanitary sewer as well as storm weather damage.

Senior Equipment at Curtis Park - The project will install low-impact fitness equipment designed to accommodate senior citizens. The equipment is designed to promote flexibility, balance and coordination.

Miscellaneous Projects

Bridgewater Decorative Neighborhood Entrance LightsThe Bridgewater Apartments are located to the West of Boston Street between E. Caley Avenue and E. Peakview Avenue. The management company requested that the Village install decorative neighborhood entrance lights at the property entrance off of Boston Street. The lights will provide for better continuity in the area and promote the Greenwood Village identity.